My Testimony!

I’m a devoted Sunrider® addict, so much so that I’ve become an Independent Business Owner for the products!

It really began a several years ago when my mom discovered it. She was always telling me about these unusual foods that were super good for your body, but I never really paid attention. Until now.

Just before my first daughter was born, my husband and I decided we really need to push our diet to the next level. If we wanted our kids to be healthy, we needed to be healthy. We’ve always been pretty healthy already, when it comes to cooking with whole foods and skipping the drive thru at BK, but we wanted more. So I started to question the unusual foods my mom was obsessed with, and decided to try it.

I placed my first order around the time my first daughter turned one, and was actually pretty excited when it got here. I dug into all of my boxes and organized the products into baskets and drawers in the kitchen almost immediately. The next morning my husband and I had some warm Calli®, and we made a strawberry smoothie with a pack of NuPlus® for the three of us. My husband took a packet of Fortune Delight® to work for the day, I made a few glasses for myself and another for my daughter’s sippy cup.

Almost immediately that morning I felt like I had a little more energy than normal, and my daughter seemed a little more chipper than usual throughout the day as well. My husband came home from work and I asked him if he felt any different. To be honest, he didn’t notice too much of a change until he had a Mountain Dew later the next week and it made him physically sick for the first time ever. He now also has a lesser tolerance for fast food since we’ve begun our Sunrider journey, which is alright with me! So, we have physical proof that if you make Sunrider® a part of your daily diet, your body will begin to reject the negative food intake.

Around the time we began to convert to Sunrider®, I was about halfway through my second pregnancy. For several months prior I had also been researching other healthy ways of living, including vaccine controversies (I have denied every single vaccine offered to me by any professional since high school, mostly because of the contents of the vaccines). So I decided to stop taking my pre-natal vitamins, despite the pressure put on me by my doctors and peers. Trust me, the Sunrider works wonders that prenatals could never measure up to. All this to say that I was completely healthy the entire rest of the pregnancy, and my second daughter was born completely healthy, passing all of her vital tests with flying colors. We even left the hospital after the first 24 hours!

Since Sunrider® has been so amazing to my husband and I, as well as both of our daughters, I have even started researching more into big time superfoods. We just can’t get enough of these amazing nutrient dense foods! Let me tell you, God knew what he was doing!



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