Regenerate My Body

It began with my mom and her curiosity for eating healthy many years ago. I thought she was crazy, however, finally I have caught up.

Together we strive to discover what healthy really is, and how we can keep our families up to par, primarily by eating the right foods.

In our search to find what is healthy, we’ve found that “healthy” is not even close to what healthy REALLY is…

What am I talking about? You can start your research here! I have created a blog to try to contain the information I’ve been studying. So far, I haven’t been able to keep up with myself, however, I’m doing my best, aside from raising two rambunctious children under the age of two. I have a lot on my plate! Feel free to subscribe to my blog to stay informed!

I’ve also created an official website dedicated to explaining to you what regeneration means, and how it’s possible to help and heal yourself, beginning with the food you eat! Please, help yourself, visit http://www.regeneratemybody.com! If you have any questions, there is contact information available at my official site. I’d love to hear from you! In fact, the best roots to research begins with the questions I get from you!


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