Essential Oils

Therapeutic-grade Essential Oils are special medicinal healing substances that are extracted from various healing plants. Essential oils were used by ancient cultures including Ancient Egyptians for the treatment of illnesses and for religious rituals.

At first look, essential oils appear so simple, but they are not. They contain hundreds to thousands of different chemical constituents, many occurring in minute quantities, but all working together to produce therapeutic effects. Essential Oils are distilled from shrubs, flowers, trees, roots, bushes, and seeds. Essential Oils are oxygenated and assist in delivering nutrients to the cells in our body. The oils are highly concentrated containing profound healing properties so only a few drops are necessary per application or use. The oils diffuse very quickly (within minutes) throughout the blood and tissues by penetrating the pores of the skin and the cell membranes.

Containing enormously valuable medicinal healing properties, Essential Oils provide dramatic results when used therapeutically. Essential Oils deliver subtle energetic rebalancing effects that work on the physical body, chakras, meridians, and higher spiritual bodies, as well as the emotions. Essential Oils penetrate the pores of the skin and cell membranes and diffuse throughout the blood and tissues. Essential Oils can enhance circulation and immune function. There are so many wonderful benefits that occur when using the oils such as:

• Pain Relief • Anti-inflammation • Antiseptic • Stimulate Immune Function • Regenerate Damaged Tissue • Relieve Stress and Promote Relaxation • For Minor Burns • To Kill Viruses and Bacteria • Calming and Sedative Effects • Improve Concentration and Mental Clarity • Menstrual Cramps and Premenstrual Syndrome Relief (PMS) • Back Injuries • Improve Human Nervous Conditions • Headaches, Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks • Clearing Emotional Patterns and Improving Emotional Condition (refer to next section for further information)



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