Hello surfers! I must say, I miss blogging. My last post was just over a year ago! I’ve been quite busy with mommyhood raising two small daughters, as well as our new baby BOY we introduced to our growing family this past November! We are now a family of FIVE! I still sometimes find myself in awe of this number, it’s my dream come true to be building a such beautiful happy family!

I have done SO much and studied SO much more in the last year, I have so much information and so many experiments I’ve wanted to share with you all, and just haven’t had a down moment to blog! I am just recently getting my energy back from being pregnant for the third (and most exhausting) time! You can expect me to share my secret to remaining calm and collected these few months before my oldest child turns three next week. (“I ate my placenta…”) Yes, for the past three months, I’ve been raising three children all under age three! Imagine how desperate I was for the cure to my stressful days!

As I continue, my goal for this blog is still the same as it was to begin with, and that is to share with you all of the things I learn and experiment with, as well as tips on life as a mom. I’ve got plenty up my sleeve. Stay posted! I’ve also added a Facebook “Like” widget to the sidebar, as well as a short Instagram feed. Happy browsing!