Well I have been out of the game for quite awhile it seems. My last post was in November! Really!? I was really excited to come back and see that my stats have actually been rising in the last few months. You guys actually like my stuff! I feel so accomplished, thank you all for that!

There has been a ton going on lately. My older daughter turns 2 years old this month! As you can imagine, I’ve been pretty busy chasing her around, as well as her almost 9 month old little sister who is just figuring out how to take steps one at a time. On top of this, my husband and I sold both of our vehicles last fall around August and have been pretty much on lockdown since then. My man biked 16 miles a day to and from work until the first snow, and has since hitched a ride to work. That is, until he lost his job in the beginning of this new year. Yes, we’ve had a bit of bad luck recently, however, things are finally starting to turn around. You know, they say when one door closes another one opens!

My man got a new job about an hour south of our apartment, so this opens up the opportunity to finally move out of our 1000 sq. ft. apartment, into something with a little more space (…and maybe another room for another baby in the next year or two? ;), and a bit closer to my family. Did I mention this job he was hired for, is literally his dream job!? He’ll be the Indycar mechanic for a local team. This means he’ll be following ALL of the major Indycar races! It’s unbelievable! Excuse my excitement, but in the seven years we’ve been together, and even longer that I’ve known him, this is all he’s talked about…

Aside from my rollercoaster of a personal life, I’ve had many requests for different recipes and things that I’ve posted on my personal Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram. I figured it’s about time I get back to my old blogging habits, as best I can with two monkeys running around my living room!

Go browse happy!