Okay, this post is a little more than just makeup remover. I stress how impressive coconut oil is all around! This makeup remover is just one of my favorite highlights these days.

I wrote a little about my whipped makeup remover a few months ago. Usually I keep it out and refrigerate it when it begins to soften. The whipped makeup remover is super luxurious when I rub it on my eyes with a cotton ball, and I absolutely love it! However, I do have an alternative.


First, let me tell you something about coconut oil. It is moisturizing, antibiotic, a multivitamin for your skin, multi-nutrient, nourishing, anti-aging, anti-wrinkle and anti-oxidant. This stuff is miracle cream for your skin! Coconut oil contains mostly fats, so it acts as an emollient for your skin – it provides a softening and soothing effect. (Learn more about coconut oil and it’s benefits for your skin!)

The mixture below is simply two parts Unrefined Coconut Oil to one part Purified Water. Take note, coconut oil solidifies in cooler temperatures. I suggest keeping your makeup remover in a small glass bottle and running it under hot water for a minute or two to melt it for use. It may seem inconvenient, but the results are most definitely worth it!


See what Dr. Oz has to say about coconut oil!


Since I’ve been using unrefined coconut oil to remove my makeup on a daily basis for a few months now, I’ve noticed brighter and more vibrant clear skin specifically around my eyes, and also, I’ve noticed my eyelashes have even grown a little! I know, this may not seem like a huge deal, but for someone who has short stubby eyelashes, this is big… Also, I get a few acne spots on occasion; the kids stress me out! A few nights ago I rubbed a bit of oil over the acne scars one night. Boom, most of it was gone in the morning! Did it again last night, there is barely anything left! I might make this a routine evening facial moisturizer! Pictured below: my pretty glowing coconut oil eyes 🙂 …Did I mention I shave my legs with this stuff, too?